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“Baby Locs” Box -Starter Kit

“Baby Locs” Box -Starter Kit

Starter Kit with 1 full sized Shampoo & Cooling Scalp Spritz to fight itching and support loc development





    These are  full sized products! Now you can enjoy our bestselling Stage 1 Seaweed Shampoo (formerly known as the StrandsTogether Shampoo) & the cooling Peppermint Tea hair and scalp tonic (spritz) - great for combating that annoying itchy dry scalp that arrives soon after your microloc establishment /sisterlocks installation. 

    The shampoo will help keep your locs clean and free from any environmental residue (pollen, dust, and products) without disturbing the locking process. (Read more about it here) 

    The Moisture Mist can be applied directly to the scalp to help sooth any tightness, dryness or itchiness as your scalp adjusts to the 'no oil' regime required at the beginning of your loc journey. The mist is blended with Aloe Vera and herbs to help hydrate the hair shaft and loc in the moisture. (Read more about it here) 

    We only use organic essential oils in our products, and these are natural products, however, if you are sensitive to Peppermint or Tea Tree essential oils; or if you have a wheat or oat allergy please conduct a patch test prior to use.

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