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Peppermint Tea Organic Oil

Peppermint Tea Organic Oil

SKU: 0026

Jojoba, sunflower, avocado and argan oils infused with organic Peppermint, Tea Tree, and Lavender oils to help cool and clear itchy aggravated scalps and promote a sense of calm. All our oil blends contain Vitamin E and CO2 anti-oxidants (Rosemary or Chamomile). 

Please note that due to breakages during transport, we no longer supply these oils in glass bottles, all oils will be supplied in white bottles with applicator nozzles.

Works well with: Moisture Mist, Silk Spritz and any shampoo and conditioner combination.


How To Use:

  • Scalp Massage: make sure you gently rub a small amount in daily, take care to move your scalp and to use a firm but gentle when you massage as we don't want you to be scrubbing fragile emerging hairs away or damaging your follicles.Be patient - it can take 3-6 months before you see significant changes.
  • Sealant: After spritzing, apply to damp hair to seal in moisture.
  • 'Greenhousing'/Overnight Conditioning: For an extra treat you can apply the oil and cover with a conditioning cap (in the same manner as one would if you were 'greenhousing' overnight. In the morning, your hair will feel soft and your scalp will be suitably conditioned.
  • Hot Oil Treatment: You can also use these oils as hot oil treatments by decanting the required amount into a suitable container and letting it stand in a container of hot water until the oils reaches the desired temperature - before applying to your hair.


  • Ingredients

    Jojoba, Sweet almond, Avocado, Argan and Wheatgerm oils. Please contact us if you need an oils substituted. Rosemary CO2 Extract is used as an anti-oxidant at less than 0.02%

    Also contains Peppermint, Eucalyptus & Tea Tree essential oil - suitable for irritated or itchy scalps.

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