100% Pure Moroccan Rose Water Tonic

100% Pure Moroccan Rose Water Tonic

Our pure Moroccan Rosewater toner refreshes your skin throughout the day and night, maintaining a healthy skin Ph balance. Filled with anti-inflammatory properties, our pure Moroccan rose water helps to reduce redness and irritated skin and also controls dirt and excess oils. Pure rose water helps to reduce puffiness under eyes & promotes emotional well being, in other words, reduces stress and boosts moods.

Ingredients: 100% Certified Organic Moroccan Rose Water with a pinch of Organic Moroccan Rose petals.

Rich in vitamins A, B, C & E


  • Care Instructions

    Directions of use: Use it as a facial cleanser or toner. Spray rose water onto a cotton pad and evenly wipe down the skin. Or spray rosewater directly onto skin and allow to air dry, morning and night. Do these steps after cleansing and before moisturising.