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It’s your SisterLock Installation Day !

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

So you have taken the plunge and your day has come. Congratulations it’s a new chapter that you will not regret. I trained as a consultant back in 2008 and my clients always say "my only regret is not starting my journey much sooner."

Its very likely that your scheduled in for a long session. It could be between 13 to 24 hours over a two to three day period depending on hair length, density, and pliability. Sisterlock sizes is also a participating factor. But don't disappear, its not as bad as it sounds. The ultimate results are so worthwhile. So make sure you bring a good book or in our case, current affairs and a good movie helps the time go by. Consultants are not obliged to provide a meal, but I’m sure they can stretch to provide some light refreshments. So do yourself a favour and bring your leftovers from yesterday’s dinner as your cooking may taste better than the local take away 😜

Make sure your hair is clean and as close to it‘s natural texture with no oils, no conditioner‘s and no blow dry. If you suffer from any medical conditions that may affect your ability to be seated for long periods of time, make sure you inform your consultant. You can also practice some self care and be mindful of your body. Ensure you take breaks and do some stretching and star jumps if you like, to get that blood pumping.

Good luck and welcome to SisterLocks!

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