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My life as a SisterLock Consultant (pt1)

Some consultants may or may not relate to some of the examples I’m going to talk about during these series of blogs.

I’m sure though, that at some point I’ll touch on some common ground. I must stress however, that it’s important that my readers understand, that these are my experiences and I’m not speaking on the behalf of anyone else.

Let’s talk about pre the consultation. I know you may be attending your appointment with mixed feelings and full of questions such as,

Am I going to like the consultant?

Will I be able to get my sisterlocks installed?

How much will it cost?

How am I going to get through the first stages?

This I assure you is all part of the process! SisterLocks is a permanent hair choice and not one that you take likely, so you will have a multitude of questions and concerns.

Most consultants know about the worries & woes that you experience and I would like to think these are all taken into consideration when planning to host your consultation. As for myself, believe it or not, a slight bit of nerves kicks in alongside the excitement of meeting someone new. Knowing that you are going to be responsible for this person’s dream is pressure. As a believer in the creator of all things, I am prepared for all eventualities. When you wake up in the morning you never know what the day holds. You may plan to have a consultation with a client but it turns out to be more meaningful than you can imagine. The news that they have just received has shattered their world and you just happen to be there to hold them together for just that moment as you are all they have. I’ve experienced tears, joy and loss. The name consultant suddenly becomes therapist and my role kicks in as a supportive confidante.

So you have arrived and the discussion is taking place. Yeah I know my stuff and I am fully equipped to answer all your questions as I have been installing SisterLocks since 2008.

However once I’ve handed over all of the information you require, it’s now time for me to be judged. Your now asking the questions and thinking to yourself, ‘is this consultant good enough to put her hands in my head?’ The long and short of it - the choice is all yours!

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VG Salon Studios
VG Salon Studios
Aug 15, 2023

Thanks for posting such a wonder full blog.


Team Jus U
Team Jus U
May 23, 2020

Of course you can, it will be lovely to have you 😊


SaLone Titi
SaLone Titi
Apr 25, 2020

Loved reading your blog introduction & was drawn to you. Don’t ask me why or how🤷🏽‍♀️😘 Instinct I guess. Just started my sisterlocks journey in January 2020, done abroad. But hey 👋🏾 if you are open to new clients can I be one of yours after the lockdown. My babies are in need of TLC. Thank you.

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