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Preparing for your Sisterlocks Consultation

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

When you first discover Sisterlock's it can be an overwhelming feeling of excitement. The need to have it installed there and then is very common. The desire for 'our own' long stress free managable hair has been long awaited. I must say, one thing Sisterlocks teaches us is patience. My Loctition used to say "Don't be hating just be waiting" so my advice to you is be patient and don't rush into it. There are many non trained stylist claiming they know how to install Sisterlocks and at the expense of the client, it results to a very unhappy you!

Most Sisterlock Consultants charge a fee for the consultation and it can last between 45 minutes to 1 hour. Do your research and attend your consultation with a list of questions and ask to see images of their work. If possible try to meet at least two consultants. It's important that the energy between you both is right as your going to spend a lot of time together. Sisterlocks is not a product that is sold so don't expect to be pressured into having it. When your ready and the time is right you will decide.

If you do make up your mind to go ahead, you maybe asked to secure your installation dates with a non returnable deposit. It might be worth asking prior to your visit.

In preparation for your Sisterlock Consultation, pre wash your hair, ensure your hair is as close to its natural texture as possible i.e. no oils, no conditioner, no blow dry as your consultant will need to put test Sisterlocks in your hair. Some consultants may place them behind the ears and others else where. During this process your Consultant will be assessing your hair and deciding on the correct locking pattern for your hair type, alongside the correct size for your desired outcome. They will also be exploring how sisterlocks will be recived within the family and work settings. Its key to have the support of family because when you go through your 'pluck chicken stage,' your gonna need someone to tell you "Don't be hating, just be waiting" :-)

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