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Your follow up and what happens now !

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Yasssss! Your all locked up, how was your experience? Please let us know.

Your follow up is usually scheduled around three to four weeks after your installation. This consists of a retightening and it should all be included in the initial cost.

Your maintenance from there onwards may differ according to your growth and how you like to wear your hair. Regular sessions are encouraged especially during the first year of your journey as you don't want to encounter any slippage or cause any damage to your new babies. If you consider a worst case scenario every four weeks, however this can change. Some of my clients are booked in between five, six or even eight weeks. Your

retightening's can take on average around three hours but may take longer in some cases.

Its time to enjoy your hair but remember, if you catch someone giving you some intense stares, trust me its not you, their simply intrigued with your amazing hair and it's guaranteed that you have just inspired them!

Welcome to Sisterlocks 😍

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